Duo Sling Act: “Fish and Bird”

This high-altitude performance is an acrobatic interpretation of the love between bird and fish by the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe.

The duo sling act, inspired by Tagore’s poetry, combines rich poetic and emotional elements to depict the impossible distance between the fish and the bird. With the moving music, the actor is performing acrobatic skills on the high-altitude sling, just like a bird flying freely in the blue sky above the sea. The actress is dancing on the ground, like a fish swimming in the sea, and sometimes jumping out of the sea.

The highly skilled acrobats performed this breathtaking choreography at the tenth National Acrobatic Show in July 2019 and won the “Excellent Act” award. Watch the act on the edge of your seat and see the beauty in the danger of this high-altitude performance.

世界上最遥远的距离 The furthest distance in the world
是飞鸟与鱼的距离  is the love between the bird and fish.
一个翱翔天际  One is flying in the sky,
一个却深潜海底  the other is looking upon the sea.