Ceramicist artists’ visit at the Cinquantenaire Museum

The delegation of ceramists coming from Jingdezhen had the privilege to visit the Royal Museums of Art and History. The artists were warmly welcomed by Nathalie VANDEPERRE, curator of collections of the Far East.

As the Chinese Pavilion has been closed since October 2013, part of the Chinese ceramic collection is now displayed at the Cinquantenaire Museum. Nathalie VANDEPERRE, head of the Museums of the Far East (China, Japan and Korea), presented to the delegation of artists the exported Chinese porcelain for which the museum has a wonderful collection. The meeting between Nathalie VANDEPERRE and CHEN Haibo, ceramic expert, resulted in a rich exchange. CHEN Haibo and the ceramists were very interested in the various collections of the Far East and enriched the tour with their knowledge.

The visit ended with the donation of an artwork to the Far East collections. The piece in question is a vase made by the ceramist WEI Jiansong. Graduated from the Jiaotong University, the artist is famous in China for his mastery of high-temperature ceramic furnace (1300 ° C). He uses contemporary techniques while keeping a link with Chinese tradition. The work of art offered is called “Glorious flowers in Spring and solid fruits in Autumn.” This is a typical vase of Chinese ceramic by its form and pomegranate motifs.

In the traditional Chinese culture, the pomegranate is a symbol of luck, happiness and harvest. Applying a contemporary graphic design combined with the liberal hand of traditional Chinese ink painting, WEI Jiansong uses artistic expression in its simplest form and the abundant effects of high temperature glaze to show the best wishes for harvest and magnificent prospects.

Nathalie VANDEPERRE was touched by this gift which will receive a special place in the collection of the Far East at the Royal Museums of Art and History.