China Cultural Center Grand Opening

Liu Yandong, H.E. Qu Xing, Didier Reynders

The China Cultural Center in Brussels is the 22nd Center to open in the world and the 8th in Europe. On September 16th, 2015, it officially opens its door to the public with an inauguration chaired by the Chinese Vice Premier, Mrs. LIU Yandong, and Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and European and Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Didier REYNDERS.

Stated in a memorandum signed in 2013 by Belgium and China, the China Cultural Center in Brussels became reality last September, with a Grand Opening chaired by Mrs. LIU Yandong and Mr. Didier Reynders. High-level guests attended the event, including the Ambassador of China in Belgium, Belgian and Chinese diplomats and politicians, and important guest of the cultural, academic and artistic fields. Mrs. LIU Yandong and Mr. Didier REYNDERS jointly unveiled the new plate of the China Cultural Center, and the bronze statues of the two Chinese philosophers Confucius and Laozi.

During the grand opening, Ms. LIU Yandong re-affirmed that Belgium was considered by China as a gate through which it could easily access the European Union, showing the great importance of Brussels as a choice for a China Cultural Center, as well as the deep friendship between Belgium and China. The Center will also be a platform to showcase China and the Chinese culture directly to the European visitors. Mr. Didier REYNDERS affirmed his hope that the Center will allow people from Europe to get acquainted to China and its culture, in order to build new bridges between the people.

The Grand Opening ended with a cocktail reception in the lightful hall of the China Cultural Center.