China Tourism and Culture Weeks 2021

The 2021 edition of the China Tourism and Culture Weeks officially kicked off in June. This global event actively promotes the integrated development of culture and tourism under the banner “Beautiful China”.

This year, you can enjoy the topics of the China Tourism and Culture Weeks online. The first launch is “Creativeness of Craftsmanship”, which zeroes in on the beautiful countryside by design. Next, “Ice and Snow Tour” is an exciting preview of the setting of the Winter Olympics in Beijing. And of course the Chinese cuisine cannot be missing.

Want some sneak peeks? Watch the teaser video here!

1. Creativeness of Craftsmanship
This video series is based on the research on rural cultural resources by fine arts academies. From the perspective of creative design in recent years, the project aims to reinvent rural craftsmanship and catalyze rural development. By discovering the pathway to rural revitalization, the videos reveal the idyllic beauty of the countryside, unveiling the “sweeping changes” of China’s rural landscape in the new development stage.
“Creativeness of Craftsmanship: The Beautiful Countryside by Design” is a project curated and executed by Beijing Saisi Boyi Culture and Art Co., Ltd. (directly affiliated with the Center of International Cultural Exchange) and Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.
The four videos, each with its own theme, are now available to watch on YouTube or by scanning the QR code below.



2. Ice and Snow Tour
The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are rapidly approaching! The “Ice and Snow Tour: Series of short video shows” brings you to the fantastic winter landscapes that will be the stage for the Winter Games. The videos introduce you to winter culture: winter sports, folk customs and myriad winter tourism attractions.

  • Taizicheng
    One of the three venues for the 2022 Winter Olympics, Taizicheng is the heart of the Zhangjiakou competition zone. The little town is covered in snow for a long period in the winter and it is easily accessible, an ideal skiing destination. The pleasant environment throughout the year makes Taizicheng a haven for countryside hikes and rejuvenating getaways.
  •  Shandong
    Located along China’s eastern coast, Shandong is known for being the birthplace of Confucius and Mencius. It also boasts scenic landscapes, unique local characteristics and rich history and culture.
  • Jilin
    Snow and rime are among Jilin’s most beautiful winter attributes. A province located in the hinterland of Northeast China, Jilin’s rime is a spectacular variety rarely found elsewhere. With its long period of thick and soft snow cover, the province is a prime skiing destination.


  • Heilongjiang
    The province of Heilongjiang is located at the northernmost and easternmost part of China. Apart from vast expanses of snow-covered forests, Heilongjiang is also home to the Harbin Ice and Snow World, where winter entertainment is at its finest, and the Harbin International Snow Sculpture Art Expo, featuring the world’s largest collection of snow sculptures.
  • Arxan
    Located in the northeastern part of Inner Mongolia and adjacent to the region’s four great grasslands, the city of Arxan is known for its dense forests, meadows, snowscapes and hot springs. Winter sports activities with the snowmobile and horse-drawn sleigh bring excitement and joy to the winter season in Arxan.
  • Xinjiang
    Located in Northwest China, Xinjiang boasts pristine alpine lakes, undulating Danxia landforms, magnificent Yardang landforms and spectacular winter fishing and hunting activities. Together, these give Xinjiang its unique snowscapes and folk customs.

And there is more! A colorful interactive experience with pictures and quizzes awaits you. All you have to do is scan the QR code below or visit this website.


3. Enjoy Beijing
Built more than three millennia ago, the city of Beijing has been China’s capital for over 850 years. Long renowned for its striking architecture, each year the city attracts millions of tourists eager to explore its rich, unique and charming culture.

With a focus on Beijing’s imperial architecture, modern urban lifestyles and the tranquility of its traditional alleyways, the “Enjoy Beijing” videos showcase the city’s profound historical heritage and urban landscape.

Presenting the charms of cultural tourism in Beijing, the series leaves viewers with a lasting impression of this modern metropolis rooted in tradition and a strong desire to experience all that it has to offer.



4. Yunnan pottery
The province of Yunnan, located in the southwest of China, has a picturesque landscape and a long history of pottery making. There are a number of pottery making skills from Yunnan that are national intangible cultural heritage.

  • Purple pottery in Jianshui


  • Black pottery in Nixi (Shangri-La)


  • Slow-wheel pottery from the Dai ethnic group in Xishuangbanna


  • Blue-and-white pottery in Yuxi


  • Jinsha pottery in Lijiang

Rich natural resources combined with colorful multi-ethnic culture breed produce splendid traditional handicrafts, which have been inherited for thousands of years. Clay is a gift of nature, eliciting respect and reverence. In the hands of craftsmen, it connects with human nature and becomes art.

5. Xinjiang cuisine

“A Taste of China: Journey of Xinjiang Cuisine” is a food-themed micro documentary with five episodes on a variety of topics, taking place in five different cities.

  • Kashgar

  • Turpan

  • Altay

  • Ili

  • Urumqi

Various narrative techniques combining food and tourism are employed on this special journey to discover delicious food, unique customs and natural scenery. Viewers leave with a sense of the timeless aesthetics of different regions and cities of Xinjiang.

6. Beautiful Countryside

The beauty of the countryside emerges in the picturesque natural scenery and the rich folk customs inherited from generation to generation. Myths and fairytales, ancient handicrafts, traditional music and other customs are passed down. This intangible cultural heritage carries the cultural memory of ethnic groups. It is a spiritual home worth protecting.
The “Beautiful Countryside and Intangible Heritage Protection” video exhibition selects five beautiful villages from all over China. The series introduces their new stories that are full of life with the efforts of inheritors and protectors. Ancient Chinese poets said that the place to feel at ease was one’s hometown. Now, the beautiful countryside is becoming the dream land for more and more urbanites.


  • Qingyang in Gansu


  • Leishan in Guizhou


  • Huayuan in Hunan


  • Nyemo in Tibet


  • Fugong in Yunnan

7. Taijiquan Fitness Microclass

Take a healthy online journey to China with the well-known taijiquan, a physical practice focusing on health preservation. Taijiquan, also known as taiji, was listed in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list in December 2020. During the 2021 China Tourism and Culture Weeks, the Network of International Culturalink Entities specially launched a Taijiquan Fitness Microclass series, showing the development and spread of taijiquan.

Overseas audiences can practice taijiquan with these fitness courses teaching the three basic movements. The classes are created by experts according to the fast-paced lifestyle of modern people, so everyone can appreciate the world of taijiquan.


8. Chinese Medical Culture Microclass

Part of the extensive and profound Chinese medical culture is acupuncture. Massaging certain acupoints is conducive to health and relatively easy to practice and master. During the 2021 China Tourism and Culture Weeks, the Network of International Culturalink Entities specially launched the Chinese Medical Culture Microclass videos. Before diving into the practical classes, an overview of traditional Chinese medicine introduces Chinese medical culture.

Five videos each offer an acupoint massage technique to help solve common physical problems in people’s (work) life. The teaching method is simple, intuitive and effective. Let’s follow Chinese medical culture and practice massage skills!

  • Improving sleep


  • Protecting shoulders and neck from soreness

  • Soothing muscles after exercise


  • Reducing fatigue


  • Eye health care

9. Arts, Culture and Nature
Focusing on key “Belt and Road” projects in cultural and tourism industries, a few performing arts projects are introduced in short videos. They represent the best of art shows for tourism in China.

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