Chinese culinary culture: “A Bite of China”

François Tron, H.E. Ambassador Qu Xing, Xiang Shihai

On January 28th, many journalists were welcomed by H.E. QU Xing, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Belgium, and YAN Zhenquan, Director of the China Cultural Center, at the Center premises in Brussels. They attended a dinner reception followed by the projection of “A Bite of China II”, the second episode of a documentary about Chinese food culture.

On Thursday January 28th, H.E. QU Xing, Ambassador of China to Belgium, invited Belgian as well as Chinese media to come and share a Chinese culinary evening at the China Cultural Center in Brussels in the presence of its director YAN Zhenquan. Among the many guests who participated at the event were François TRON, Programme Manager at RTBF, and Sébastien COOLS, Deputy Editor-in-Chief at

After enjoying a delicious Chinese gourmet dinner, they watched the second episode of the very popular and well-liked documentary “A Bite of China”, broadcasted by CCTV (China Central Television). The documentary series covers almost every aspect of the Chinese cuisine and was shot in diverse regions across the country. It is an opportunity for people to discover and appreciate Chinese culinary culture. “A Bite of China II” presents the local cuisine and the daily lifestyle of Chinese people, and puts in the spotlight the flavours passed on from generation to generation. Belgian journalist Sébastien COOLS says: “I found the documentary very interesting and now I understand better the importance of culinary and local traditions as part of the country’s cultural heritage. I hope to learn more about Chinese culture.”