Chinese New Year at the China Cultural Center

During three successive days, the China Cultural Center organised “Happy Chinese New Year” free activities. Hundreds of people, children as well as adults, came along, some from afar, to enjoy an authentic Chinese New Year experience. With folk performances, craft workshops and projection of documentaries, the first celebration of Chinese New Year at the China Cultural Center was undoubtedly a huge success.

The China Cultural Center prepared long before welcoming Belgian visitors for the Chinese New Year. Its team was tremendously excited at the prospect of celebrating the Spring Festival with the general public who was invited to come and share three successive days of convivial moments. In all, more than 300 people coming from across the country celebrated the biggest Chinese festival at the China Cultural Center. Families, neighbours, new and returning visitors, but also a group of children from the town of Wingene as well as a Chinese language class of students from University of Mons (Université de Mons) – accompanied by the Head of Chinese Deparment Mr ZHANG Guoxian – enjoyed the festive atmosphere of the New Year and took part in the numerous “Happy Chinese New Year” activities. Many were very interested to learn more about the traditional Chinese culture, art and customs, and did it through workshops, documentaries and shows.

To mark the start of the Year of the Monkey, the China Cultural Center recruited the Shanghai Fengxian Folk Art Performance Troupe that succeeded in making the show colourful. This crew is from a suburban district of Shanghai and composed of artists selected from over 200 art performance groups. Dancers and singers endeared the audience with their unique choreographies and voices. The Shanghai Fengxian Folk Art Performance Troupe brought its many talents through shows like the change of masks and the rolling lamps in front of a fully seduced audience.

Besides, various Chinese traditional craft workshops were set up in the lobby of the Center to the general public to promote the various techniques of paper tearing, collage, Chinese knots and calligraphy. Young and old could also observe the pinching of clay little figurines and the creation of rolling lamps. Children left with an adorable monkey soft toy and adults with beautiful handicraft works. But all of them vibrated to the rhythm of the Chinese performances and the joyful atmosphere spread in the China Cultural Centre for Chinese New Year.