Focus on the Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture: four intensive days of discovery!

During 4 days, the richness and diversity of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was highlighted at the China Cultural Center in Brussels! This Chinese medical art, that is a few thousand years old, is not only remarkable for its curative effects, but also known as an efficient disease prevention tool. Through an exhibition devoted to the history and the practice of health care in China, a cycle of 4 conferences by Chinese experts, traditional Chinese medicine workshops, the Center proposed to its guests an interactive immersion within this ancient and particular  medicine, which became over time a real art of living in China.

On the evening of Friday, August 25th, these four thematic days began with the official opening of the exhibition “Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture of Health Care” in the presence of Mr. Xiang Shihai, Counsellor for Culture at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, and Mr. He Xinghai, Vice-President of the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Guests were able to appreciate the unique charm and vitality of TCM culture through four axial themes: meridian health care, exercise health care, diet health care and environment health care. ” Chinese medicine, martial arts, folk music are not only important parts of Chinese traditional culture, but also a good way to help people stay fit. We sincerely wish to reach out to a larger public who will experience everything that Chinese traditional culture has to offer, through our exhibition, lectures, interactive workshops and performances. Hence, they can become more aware of the health benefits brought by Chinese medicine, and get to know our Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.” said Mr. He Xinghai in his opening speech. The evening continued with a stunning martial art performance by the students of the Shanghai University of TCM followed by a conference on “Exercise and Health Care” by Ms Chen Luhua of the Shanghai Museum of TCM. She pointed out the benefits of practicing martial art daily and more particularly the Five Animal Play: movements and state of mind imitating these of the Tiger, the deer, the bear, the monkey, and the crane.

On Saturday 26 August, Professor Du Jiehui of the Chinese Academy of TCM held a conference on the “Magic of TCM”, including its benefits in anti-aging treatments. In front of a parterre of 60 people, Ms. Du Jiehui focused on demonstrating the evolution of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the research and practice of beauty care.

On the evenings of Monday, August 28 and Tuesday, August 29, the Center offered some interactive activities to its many guests. More than 100 persons showed up each day. Led by specialists and students from the Shanghai University of TCM, the workshops were an opportunity to discover and experiment some techniques and tools carried by TCM. Among these, an herbal bag workshop as well as a moxa stick workshop, which were very intriguing for the visitors. Another great moment of the two evenings was the martial art performance by the athletes of the university. Through powerful and impressive show, they expressed the full extent of their talent. The performances were highly appreciated by the spectators and their families as well: “I came here with my kids, to show them some different aspects of the Chinese culture that we cannot see elsewhere”, said an enthusiastic visitor.

Each evening also included a lecture by Chinese experts of the Shanghai University of TCM. On Monday, Professor Wang Lili gave a lecture on meridians and health care. True interconnected channels of the human body, meridians distribute the vital energy of the body, the qi. Professor Wang presented a few of the most useful acupoints along the meridians and explained their location and utility. “If you have toothache, you can press the “he gu” acupoint on your hands. If the left side of your mouth hurts, press it on the right hand. If your right side hurts, press it on the left hand, because the meridians are crossed in our body”. On Tuesday, Professor Luo Yueqin led a conference on diet and health care. Main source of the energy production, diet is the first of the remedies to many ailments. The Chinese diet has therapeutic applications, each food leading to an action on the body.

In total, hundreds of people could enjoy these 4 days devoted to Traditional Chinese Medicine, learning and experiencing its best aspects.