Tea tasting

Following the success of Chinese tea tasting during the vernissage of the exhibition “The Chinese in their gardens”, ten people took part in a tea tasting at the China Cultural Center in Brussels. Olivier Nuttens of L’Heure Bleue introduced them to the traditional art of appreciating and serving tea.

On Tuesday March 8, ten lucky people attended a free tea tasting offered by the China Cultural Center and l’Heure Bleue. In the company of the expert Olivier Nuttens, the guests discovered the art of tasting Chinese tea, learned its origins and the differences between teas such as green and pu’er. Aurélie Choiral, artist whose exhibition “The Chinese side gardens” is currently displayed at the Center, was among the special guests.

In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, the learners focused on the explanations and advice given by the tea expert. Under the guests’ watchful eyes, he made them smell the delicate and scented aromas of tea and then taste it. The appearance, flavour, and infusion length of the teas as well as the importance of filtered water are no longer a secret to them. This quiet and spiritual moment called the “tea ceremony” allowed them to experience and taste Chinese culture.

Many thanks to l’Heure Bleue and Olivier Nuttens for this moment of conviviality and share at the Center.

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