Kick-off of the “Week of Chinese Cultural Intangible Heritage”: Many guests at the opening of the exhibition of Chinese Tableware Design and Culture!

On Thursday, June 8th, the China Cultural Center in Brussels kicked off the “Week of Chinese Cultural Intangible Heritage” by opening its new exhibition “Feast along the Silk Road: An Exhibition of Chinese Tableware Design and Culture”. First activity of the week, the exhibition explores the influence of traditional Chinese craftsmanship and folk wisdom in contemporary life and design. A nice way to spotlight  the continued aspiration during this special week: to present the fruitful results of China’s on protecting its rich cultural heritage.

More than one hundred guests were present at the official opening ceremony of “Feast along the Silk Road: An Exhibition of Chinese Tableware Design and Culture”, together they enjoyed more than 200 delicate exhibiting items. Symbolizing the concept of “home” and designed by outstanding contemporary Chinese artists and designers, these pieces reflect the charm of the fine traditional Chinese culinary culture.

The aim of this exhibition is to enable visitors to discover the Chinese traditional craftsmanship while using modern materials and technologies. This complexity brings a certain dynamic and a real relief to the exhibited objects. “The tableware exhibited can reflect the explorative spirit of Chinese food ustensils design from one side on the basis of inheriting traditions, and the innovation of Chinese designers who are extensively inspired by the modern, ancient, domestic and international culture and also pay close attention to the people’s life needs, aesthetic needs and spiritual needs”, said Mr.  Wang Liduan, Professor at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and Curator of the exhibition, who made the trip to Brussels for the occasion.

Kick-off of the “Week of Chinese Cultural Intangible Heritage”, the opening also hosted Mr. Paolo Fontani, Director of the UNESCO Liaison Office in Brussels and UNESCO Representative to the European Institutions. Indeed, by organizing a series of activities focusing on the theme of Heritage and Innovation, the China Cultural Center in Brussels shares the values ​​of identification, protection and preservation of the world cultural heritage defended by UNESCO. “Cultural heritage does not end at monuments and collections of objects. It also includes traditions or living expressions inherited from our ancestors and passed on to our descendants, such as oral traditions, performing arts, social practices, rituals, festive events, knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe or  the knowledge and skills to produce traditional crafts. This is Intangible Cultural Heritage”, said Mr. Paolo Fontani.

“Feast along the Silk Road: An Exhibition of Chinese Tableware Design and Culture” is the perfect example! By presenting China’s time-honored diet culture and history through contemporary objects, the exhibition fosters the modern adaptation of this kind of heritage: it promotes the exchanges and cooperation on inheritance, innovation and sustainable development of traditional and indigenous culture in the domain of design and creativity between China and Europe. “Living cultural heritage is the way we understand the world and the means by which we shape it. It is our bridge from the past to the future. It is a wellspring of identity and belonging in a world of change. It is a foundation of wisdom upon wich to build sustainable development for all”, added Mr. Paolo Fontani.

Present to support the opening of this special week, Mr. Li Jianmin, Minister-Counsellor of the Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the European Union, also underlined the importance of the effort and attention to give to the heritage conservation : “Through exhibitions, performances and other colorful activities, people can enjoy the charm of the Chinese cultural heritage, respect and appreciate the unique values of different cultures, thereby enhancing people’s sense of mission and responsibility to protect cultural heritage”.

The Directorate General for Education and Culture, represented by Mr. Vito Borrelli, was present at the opening. “I’m very pleased to attend to opening ceremony of the exhibition and to witness a good example of presenting the Intangible Cultural Heritage in a contemporary way” said Mr. Vito Borrelli.  He also emphasizes on EU-China High Level People-to-People Dialogue about education, culture, youth development, encourages us to inherit the cultural heritage, and hopes there will be more bilateral cooperation in the futures.

Mr. Tan Shu, Director of the China Cultural Center in Brussels, was very happy to share the Chinese Culture through the “Week of Chinese Cultural Intangible Heritage”. He concluded: “In the hope of offering a substantial banquet promising cultural discoveries to our audience, this week-long program has been designed with care, featuring some of the most vivid legacies of Chinese Intangible Heritage. We sincerely wish that more and more of you, dear European friends, would discover Chinese Culture and experience the Chinese hospitality!”

The “Week of Chinese Cultural Intangible Heritage” will continue with 2 others major events. On June 9th, a seminar on Chinese Tie-Dye will be organized. On June 12th and 13th, two special Chinese Movies Nights will be devoted to Chinese Gastronomy: you will discover two documentaries called Bite of China, an immersion in the Chinese cuisine! On June 14th and 15th, the famous Kunju Troupe of Zhejiang will perform at the China Cultural Center in Brussels for two evenings.

“Feast along the Silk Road: An Exhibition of Chinese Tableware Design and Culture” is open to the public until June 20, 2017. Monday to Friday according to the opening hours of the Center.

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