Opening of the exhibition “China: Grain to Pixel, 1980 to today”

“China: Grain to Pixel, 1980 to today” is the first exhibition of the new season of the China Cultural Center. With more than a hundred attendees, it was definitely warmly welcomed by the public!

The photography exhibition “China: Grain to Pixel, 1980 to today” was officially  launched on Tuesday, August 23rd in front of a crowd of over 130 people. It was a real pleasure for the CCC team to see that so many regular visitors but also new guests had gathered for this first event of the new exhibition season.

The ceremony began with a welcome word by Mr YAN, Director of the China Cultural Center, who announced that a large variety of events and activities were going to take place in the center in the coming months; before moving on to introducing the particularities of the exhibition which he described as  “A photographic retrospective of China’s social and economic development that lets the visitor glance at the dreams and aspirations of the new generation of Chinese”.

Mr YAN then gave the floor to Mr LIU Heung Shing, representative of the artists and whose work was also exhibited. Mr LIU’s partner Mrs Smith, curator of the exhibition, was also present. Through this exhibition, said Mr LIU “ you look at China in its many manifestations, China is no longer a very monolithic society as it used to be. The changes are enormous”, he carried on saying that “China: Grain to Pixel, 1980 to today” also shows “the vitality of the young generation of chinese photographers “, and is a “new beginning” for photographic art in China. Mr LIU  and Mrs Smith then offered to guide the visitors through the exhibition and kindly answered the various questions of the very attentive and studious audience.

The guided visits were followed by a buffet reception of Chinese delicacies during which the guests carried on discussing the different works exhibited. What’s more, with such a good weather our visitors had the chance to enjoy our “philosophers’ garden”!

The exhibition “China: Grain to Pixel, 1980 to today” will be hosted by the China Cultural Center until September 10th, 2016.

Opening hours
Monday to Wednesday
09:30 – 20:00
Thursday and Friday
09:30 – 18:00
Free entrance