Massive turnout of visitors for the inauguration of “A Chinese Liuli Flower”

An audience of over 120 people attended on October 27th evening the opening ceremony of the newest exhibition hosted by the China Cultural Center: “A Chinese Liuli Flower – An Exhibition of Contemporary Glass Art”. The fame of former actress Loretta Hui-Shan Yang and former film director Chang Yi had not decreased among Chinese culture enthusiasts, just like the vivid colours of Liuli or “Pâte de verre” will never fade over time.

It was with great emotion that Mrs Yang and Mr Chang explained to the crowd that 30 years ago, they decided together to completely shift their professional career and to devote themselves to the creation of Liuli artworks. Their aim was to prove to the world that such craft, well-known in Europe and in France particularly, also had a long history in China, actually a very long history, around 3000 years! Since 1987, date of the foundation of their workshop LIULIGONGFANG they have brought back to light the ancient art, modernized it and shared it all over the world through their numerous exhibitions in Asia but also in Europe and in the United States.

On the occasion of this opening ceremony, the Center had the honour to welcome very distinguished guests. Namely, Mr Xiang Shihai, Counsellor for Culture at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Kingdom of Belgium, who shared with the audience his great happiness to be in presence with such eminent figures as he recalled having watched many of their films. He also underlined what a great chance it was for the visitors of China Cultural Center to be able to admire Mrs Yang and Mr Chang’s work, which is highly acclaimed in China. Mr Etienne Vankeirsbilck, Co-Founder and Vice-President of the International Organisation for Folk-Art, was present as well, and reminded the public how essential the work of Mrs Yang and Mr Chang was to the preservation of cultural heritages and dialogue accross different cultures.

After the speeches, the two artists invited the visitors to follow them through the exhibition and kindly took the time to explain their artistic approach, to discuss the philosophy of Liuli and to personally answer every questions people may have. The friendliness of Mrs Yang and Mr Chang and the high quality of their work was well noted by a very interested audience.

“A Chinese Liuli Flower – An exhibition of Contemporary Glass Art” will be hosted by the China Cultural until the 10th of November.

Opening times

Monday to Wednesday: 9:30 am to 8.00pm
Thursday – Friday: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
NOTE : Closed on November 1st