Zhang Chongren and Belgium

Liu Yandong, Didier Reynders

The China Cultural Center hosted from September 18th until October 16th 2015 a unique exhibition of Mr. ZHANG Chongren’s artworks.

An exceptional exhibition on Mr. ZHANG Chongren’s fascinating artworks and stories around Hergé’s life and work was hosted at the China Cultural Center in Brussels.
Mr. ZHANG Chongren was a famous Chinese artist, known for his paintings and sculptures. He was one of the founders of the Chinese modern sculpture art, and had a special connection with Belgium. Graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Brussels in the 1930’s, he is also known for his close friendship with Belgian comic strip author Hergé, creator of Tintin.

Zhang inspired and helped Hergé for Tintin’s “Blue Lotus”. Besides, Hergé took him as a model to create one of Tintin’s dear friend, “Tchang”.