Fun Facts: 3 Ways to Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival

A six-episode short video series called “Fun Facts: 3 ways to enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival” shares the history and customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival. It helps people to have a better understanding of the festival as well as the culture and customs associated with the festival, which could be a gateway to learn more about Chinese culture.

A step-by-step tutorial teaches you how to write the characters for Mid-Autumn in calligraphy.

What are mooncakes? And why are they so popular to eat around the Mid-Autumn Festival? Learn more here! With the included recipes, you can even try making your very own mooncakes.

Chinese folklore
Lord Rabbit is a must-have folklore toy in Beijing for the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is the mascot of dispelling diseases, eliminating disasters and praying for health. Find out more about the tale behind this figure here!