Interactive experiences for the Chinese New Year celebrations

Focusing primarily on the joy of reunions during the Spring Festival, the “Happy Chinese New Year” Animation Celebration Carnival is vividly colored and wonderfully animated. It is an interactive experience with pictures and videos that tell the story of Spring Festival culture in China.

You navigate through different rooms, learning more about the celebration of Chinese New Year on the way. The Spring Festival is not only a Chinese but a global festival. The fun of this interactive experience is just a click away!

Season’s greetings in video format

During “Happy Chinese New Year” in 2021, the Network of International Culturalink Entities and China Telecom jointly produced 22 season’s greetings videos.

They have been collected on one website and divided in four themes: season’s greetings, memory of home, pets and beautiful scenery. Feel free to browse through them and enjoy them here!