Bamboo Woods in South Mountain

Nanshan Zhuhai Scenic Area is located at the junction of the three provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui. This region is characterized by the cultivation of bamboo as well as a very great longevity. We discover magnificent mountains filled with greenery, a sea of ​​bamboos and a lake with calm and clear water.

Tianmu Hunan Mountain and Bamboo Sea are known as “Heavenly Nanshan, Dreaming Bamboo Sea”. The peaks and ridges of this picturesque site undulate and bring a feeling of softness and calm. As for the lake, it is of a magical purity, the water thus rubs shoulders with the many surrounding bamboos, which gives the impression of being truly in a tale of times gone by.

The main attractions that can be found in nanshan are, besides the lake, a bird paradise, ancient streets, blessing bells. It is also the place in China where we observe the greatest longevity.

So come right here; ride a bamboo raft on the lake and hold a bamboo pole to navigate. Enjoy the magnificent scenery that this expanse of water and bamboo offers you, why not try a swim in this lake? Bathing in these waters, with this surrounding landscape can only lead you to relax while refreshing you after a hot summer afternoon.

In addition, the village of Jiming, combines architectural styles and folk customs of the three provinces while also housing a panda pavilion where we find two of these magnificent animals.A golden bridge is also present, bridge that allows us to have an extraordinary view of the surrounding area. This historical and cultural area finally includes a bamboo garden that transports us beyond reality.