China through their eyes

This video series lets foreigners in Shanghai speak about their experiences visiting and living in the country.

In the first one, Malcolm Clarke, a British documentary filmmaker, talks about first visiting China in the 1980s. He has lived and worked in Shanghai for a few years until recently.

The second video shows Sylvain Laurent, executive vice president of Dassault Systèmes. He moved the company’s Asia-Pacific headquarters to Shanghai and has been living there for eight years. He shares his thoughts on Shanghai as an innovation hub.

This third video features professional football player Oscar. He is a Brazilian international who transferred from Chelsea to Shanghai Port Football Club in 2017. Oscar shares his experience playing in China and remembers being warmly welcomed by his teammates. He also looks forward to his future plans in Shanghai.

Number four: Allan Gabor from the United States. He is the president of Merck China and has been doing business in China, and specifically Shanghai, for over twenty years. He has seen China transform and is excited about the course of development that Shanghai is on.

Seven years ago, Lucine moved from France to Shanghai with her family. She attended Shanghai Jiao Tong University and now works as a cabin attendant for China Eastern Airlines. In this fifth video, she talks about daily life in Shanghai and the conveniences she enjoys every day.

Evangelos Tatsis is a Greek professor who works in Shanghai at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the Center for Excellence in Molecular Plant Science. He is pleasantly surprised by life in Shanghai and enjoys working there. He shares his view on traditional Chinese medicine and which role it can play in the future of science.

Hong Yuanshu is South Korean doctor, who has been in Shanghai for almost three decades. She works as a gastroenterologist at the Shanghai Minhang TCM Hospital. With her specialized background, she sheds a light on how traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine are well integrated in China.

François Tardif arrived in Shanghai from France over three years ago. Since 2017, he has been the president of Faurecia China. He likes doing business in Shanghai and describes why the city’s business environment is conducive to rapid development.

Miodrag Colombo is a Serbian-Italian film producer, active in Shanghai since 2011. Having lived in places like Canada and Italy before, he compares the Western film industry with the rapidly developing industry in Shanghai. He is excited about the plentiful opportunities to be found in the city.

Chen-Jiang Phua is from Singapore and came to Shanghai in 2005. He serves as the chairman of the board of AT&S China. He thoroughly enjoys living in Shanghai and is impressed by how well-run this lively metropolis of 26 million people is.

Gordon Boo is a Malaysian doctor working in Shanghai. As the chief of the chiropractic department at SinoUnited Health, he comes across all kinds of patients who share their experience of living in Shanghai. Like them, he enjoys the city life and the opportunities that Shanghai offers to foreigners.