The Anji Pavilion of the Zhejiang Museum of Natural History

The Zhejiang Museum of Natural History is a national first-class museum. On December 28, 2018, the Anji Pavilion of the museum was opened to the public.

The Anji Pavilion is located in Anji county, Zhejiang province. It consists of six main pavilions: the Geology Hall, the Behring Hall, the Marine Hall, the Natural Art Hall, the Dinosaur Hall and the Ecological Pavilion, as well as a 4D cinema, a nature exploration center, a special exhibition hall and so on.


Ecological Pavilion – Call of Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains

Themed “Call of Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains”, the Ecological Pavilion sets up three units: “Life Support System – Ecosystem”, “Ecosystem Value” and “Ecological Zhejiang”. The ecological civilization concept of “Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains” uses scenes, multimedia and interactive installations and other display methods to tell the audience scientific knowledge of ecology.


Behring Hall – Dialogues from Afar

The Behring Hall includes five sections: “Hot Africa”, “Cold North America”, “Brotherly Affinity”, “Adaptive Evolution” and “Crisis and Hope”. By contrasting different eco-environments and animal species in Africa and North America, the hall displays a colorful wildlife from tectonic plate movement and sea-level fluctuation to the diffusion of animals and adaptive evolution. The visitors get to know lives in a larger spatial-temporal scale as well as understand and respect nature and biodiversity.

Most of the specimens in this hall were donated by Kenneth E. Behring, founder of the Behring Global Educational Foundation.


Marine Hall – Eternal Dark Blue

The Marine Hall provides visitors with an exploratory journey from shallow waters to deep oceans in a three-dimensional experience space. It begins with a preface “Source of Life” and progresses with eight units, namely, “Rise and Fall of Tides”, “Algae Forest”, “Coral World”, “Vast Oceans”, “To the Deep Sea”, “Polar Oceans”, “Blue Zhejiang” and “Blue Missions”.


Dinosaur Hall – Returning to the Era of Dinosaurs

The Dinosaur Hall showcases the most representative dinosaurs in the world and their lives. It also takes a detailed look at dinosaurs in Zhejiang. In a timeline, the hall introduces the most representative dinosaurs in the Triassic, the Jurassic and the Cretaceous with fossil specimens, full skeleton restoration, restored models, diorama and multimedia, as well as the physiology and relatives of dinosaurs.


Natural Art Hall–Beauty of Nature

Showcasing beauty of nature and human wisdom, the Hall integrates four units, i.e. “Universe, Phenomena”, “Everything in Nature”, “Sound of Nature”, “Interpretation of Beauty” and “Respect for Nature”. It is widely acknowledged that nature provides material resources for human survival, and comforts the souls with various forms of beauty. Starting from seeking beauty in nature, the Hall, by utilizing colors, materials, textures and structure, displays the beauty of the universe, the earth and life so as to inspire the visitors to discover and feel beauty, to appreciate nature and to contemplate the harmonious symbiotic relationship between man and nature.


Geology Hall–Zhejiang Land in Two Billion Years

Starting from “A Long Journey”, the Hall displays the stories happening in Zhejiang in four units, i.e. “Ancient Land of Zhejiang”, “Stories of Global Stratotype Section and Point)in Zhejiang”, “Basins and Volcanoes”, “Modern Morphogenesis and Prehistoric People of Zhejiang”. With space-time narrative, the Hall vividly unfolds the background knowledge of earth structure, geological age, biological evolution, continental transformation and climate change in an epic of 2 billion years on the land of Zhejiang.


4D Cinema

4D cinema introduces vibration, falling, blowing, water spraying and other special effects, and designs smoke, photoelectricity, bubbles and other effects. Audiences can feel the power of science and technology from visual, auditory and other aspects through well-made popular science education film, which enlightens their minds in entertainment.


Nature Exploration Center

Nature Exploration Center, with Exploration Room for Children, Life Exploration Room, Natural Art Classroom and Audio-visual Classroom, aims at arousing the interest and curiosity of kids and teenagers in exploring nature by setting up a space for kids, families and teenagers to have a close contact with specimens.


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