Wudang Mountain

Wudang Mountain, also known as Taihe Mountain, was called “Xuanyue” and “Taiyue” in ancient times. It is located near Shiyan City, northwest of Hubei Province. The ancient buildings of Wudang Mountain began to be constructed in the Tang Dynasty and reached their peak in the Ming Dynasty.

Rare are the Chinese constructions which manage to bring such a great harmony between the human construction and the surrounding nature. We can find here a magical mountainous landscape accompanied by a place with rigorous architecture and exquisite decorations. So much so that it is known as “the Forbidden City hanging on the cliff”. This achievement can be called a marvel in the history of ancient Chinese architecture. In 1994, the ancient buildings of Wudang Mountain were added to the list of World Cultural Heritage.

Each Taoist temple present here fits perfectly into the surrounding nature. They are built in a specific space between the different peaks, ridges or caves of the place in order to create a perfect harmony with the surrounding fores