Yangzhou Brunch

For foodies, what is most appealing about Yangzhou is its rich and exquisite cuisine. We are particularly interested in Yangzhou tea and its famous morning tea or Yangzhou Brunch.

This one is unique and cannot be eaten alone, it is drunk with cold dishes or other dishes, fruit or other small seasoned dishes. These are served slowly one after the other. Among them, the variety of dishes and dim sum, and the great finesse of the food tasted are the most breathtaking aspects of Yangzhou Brunch. According to some, tasting this tea is akin to a feast.

In this video, we discover a person who makes marinades in morning tea. Each table will have several plates of different kinds of pickled vegetables, as well as grated radishes, sweet potatoes, mustard and cabbage, all loaded with sauce and which will whet people’s appetites. A salted cane egg, where the egg yolk is a bright red color is also present. Hungry? So let’s watch this video together!