Shanghai Chinese Orchestra: Gardenia in Blossom

The Shanghai Chinese Orchestra returns to Belgium for the third time, albeit virtually this year. The China Cultural Center in Brussels is making a performance by the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra available online, so fans of Chinese folk music can enjoy this musical piece.

The piece is called “Gardenia in Blossom”. It is a love story, told in four parts: the encounter, falling in love, parting ways and blooming. The narrative framework is accompanied by rich romantic melodies and supplemented with multimedia content. Several Chinese instruments play a part in depicting the characters and their emotions. Among them are the medium-sized ruan, bamboo flute and erhu.

As an ensemble of global renown, the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra is famous for its harmonious cooperation among members and its incredibly varied repertoire, including “New Oriental Elegance of Chinese Music” and “The Bund”. The orchestra aims to show the European audience the elegance of Chinese culture and to promote artistic exchanges as well as cultural cooperation between China and Belgium.