Traditional crafts: sugar art and copperware

Today, we are sharing two videos highlighting the traditional crafts of sugar art and copperware. Very different trades, but both are culturally valuable. Let’s dive in!

Meet Louis TO, a master of sugar art in Hong Kong. He is one of the very few artisans in the city that still perform the centuries-old folk art for people. Kneading out animal figures from hot sugar, Louis pursues the joy of exchanging happiness with every customer.

The next video introduces us to coppersmith SU Yingmin, based in Guangzhou. The traditional craft of hammering copper knows a long history there. Su Yingmin creates handcrafted artworks that are environmentally friendly and practical. Pots, bowls, chopsticks, but also fans, tea sets and souvenirs. You name it and you can find it in copper.

[Source:China Culture Network]