Warm Friendship

In January 2018, the giant pandas “Hua Bao” and “Jin Baobao” took a special plane from Sichuan, China to Finland.

They will live in Finland for 15 years. The keeper, Anna, who came to meet them was very nervous, while the giant pandas were very calm. After more than 9 hours of a long-distance flight, they successfully arrived at Finland’s Aihteri Zoo. After a short adaptation period, they quickly integrated into the Finnish ice and snow world. In fact, they liked playing in the snow when they were in China. Finnish panda fans have named them “Lumi” and “Pilu”, which means “snow” and “snow flying”, and the two pandas soon fell in love with Finland. Every traditional festival, Finnish panda fans will send blessings to them. Let us admire these two lovely pandas together!