4th EU-China Film Festival – The Taste of Rice Flower

This emotionally engaging film tells the story of a mother and daughter from a minority family near the Sino-Burmese border.

The Taste of Rice Flower 米花之味 (2017)

October 1, 2018 OV + English subtitles


Place : China Cultural Center in Brussels

Duration: 100 min

Category: Drama

Director: Pengfei

Starring: YING Ze, YE Bule


After years of working in the city, YE Nan, a mother from the Dai minority, comes back to her village in Yunnan at the Sino-Burmese border. She wants to take care of her left-behind 13-year-old troubled daughter. However, the road to rebuild their relationship is full of obstacles. Meanwhile, villagers are excited about the newly built local airport and future possibilities. One day, YE Nan’s daughter is arrested for stealing money from a donation box in a sacred temple with her friend, who gets sick afterwards, making people think the girls are possessed by evil. To save themselves and the future of their village, they decide to follow indications from the Mountain God, who asks them to go worship the stone Buddha in the 250-million-year-old karst cave during the Water-Sprinkling Festival.




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