Children’s Movie Afternoons – Boonie Bears: A Mystical Winter

This Chinese animated family adventure comedy film will carry you away to the world of animals in the wild!

Boonie Bears: A Mystical Winter 熊出没之雪岭熊风2015)

5/07/2018 OV + FR subtitles


Place: China Cultural Center in Brussels

Duration:  136 min

Category: Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Director: Ding Liang, Liu Fuyuan

Once childhood playmates, now adversaries; it turns out that the Bear Brothers and Logger Vick have a longer history than first thought. Now that they are facing the harshest winter they have ever experienced, along with having to deal with a new kind of enemy that threatens to destroy the entire mountain, will they continue to antagonize each other or finally shake hands and fight together to defend the homeland.



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