Chinese Movie Nights – A Wedding Invitation

Find out what happens in this love story when a split-up couple reunites again after five years under unconventional circumstances.

A Wedding Invitation分手合约 (2013)

March 25, 2019 OV + EN subtitles


Duration: 103 min

Category: Romance

Director: Ki-hwan OH

Starring: Fay BAI, Eddie PENG, Pace WU, JIANG Jinfu


LI Xing and HE Qiaoqiao have been together since they were young, but when Li Xing proposes, Qiaoqiao abruptly breaks off their relationship in order to keep a devastating secret to herself. They agree that, if they are still single after five years, they will get back together. Almost five years have passed when Qiaoqiao receives a wedding invitation from Li Xing. How will they react when they see each other again? Will old feelings be rekindled?



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