Chinese Movie Nights – Bad Guys Always Die

Four friends’ trip to Jeju Island turns into a crazy adventure as they encounter a young woman at the scene of a car accident.

Bad Guys Always Die坏蛋必须死 (2015)

March 18, 2019 OV + EN subtitles 


Duration: 103 min

Category: Action, comedy

Director: SUN Hao

Starring: CHEN Bolin, SON Ye-jin, QIAO Zhenyu, DING Wenbo, YANG Xuwen


The holidays are approaching. Qiangzi, who is working as a Chinese teacher in Busan, his good friends San’er and Datou, and his brother Papa, who have come over from China, get together to go on holiday to Jeju Island. There, they meet a number of people who turn their long-awaited trip into a complete mess. Danger starts to rear its head at every turn and it makes them wonder: who actually is the real “bad guy”?



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