Chinese Movie Nights – The Stolen Years

A compelling romance drama about how one single event can change the course of one’s whole life.

The Stolen Years 被偷走的那五年(2013

28/05/2018 OV + EN subtitles


Place: China Cultural Center in Brussels

Duration:  111 min

Category: Romance, Drama

Director: Barbara Wong

Starring: Fay BAI, Joseph CHANG, Christine FAN, Amber AN


A car accident put a dramatic end to He Man’s romantic honeymoon. As she wakes up from a coma, her sister He Qi announces to her that her beloved husband, Xie Yu, had divorced her. She then slowly starts to realize that she actually lost her memory five years ago due to the car crash. Her last memory dates from her honeymoon, however it would appear that a lot of things happened to those closed to her during those five years. The devastated woman decides to shed light on what happened during those lost years with the help of her ex-husband who cannot help but feel pity for the woman he once loved. After letting her stay at his home for a while, they go on journey in search of her lost memories. However, what if she realises that what is really to cherish is actually not what she is looking for?


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