Chinese Movie Nights – The Central Axis of Beijing – The Axis of the Love

In line with our current exhibition: “Creative Products Inherited from the Palace Museum”, we are screening two documentaries about Beijing that will give you an insight into the mystical Chinese capital.

04/06/2018 English version


Place: China Cultural Center in Brussels


Documentary 1

Beijing Impressions  北京风情(2009

Duration: 30 min

Category: Documentary

Director: Ji Gang


Have you never been to Beijing but would you love a virtual tour of the city? This documentary guides you around all the main sites in the Chinese capital, ancient temples and palaces as well as the modern-day districts.


Documentary 2

The Central Axis of Beijing – The Axis of the Love 北京中轴线 情之轴(2003

Duration:  25min

Category: Documentary

Director: unknown


This documentary explores the Central Axis of Beijing, also called the axis of Love and tells people’s anecdotes and life stories they have about the sites. The Central Axis of Beijing is the best preserved central area of the old city of Beijing. The axis is almost 8km long and reaches from the Yongding Gate in the south to the Drum and Bell tower in the north and demonstrates the stunning spatial order of the city.



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