Chinese Movie Nights – Yellow River Aria

Can an adopted son become the heir to the family head in a very traditional Chinese family?

Yellow River Aria 2016

25/06/2018 OV + EN subtitles


Place: China Cultural Center in Brussels

Duration: 91min

Category: Drama

Director: Gao Feng

Starring: Li Yu, Li Meng, Ren Shanm Wei Zixin


The Shao family has been singing Laoqiang for many generations; it is a style of aria typical in the Yellow river area. In 1921, the family adopts an abandoned baby they found near the river and named him Baimao. Baimao develops a strong interest and talent for the Laoqiang tradition while Xiaohua, the only biological son in the Shao, has no interest in learning how to sing Laoqiang. Therefore, the Shao family is placed into a huge dilemma: should they break tradition by making Baimao the heir?



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