Chinese New Year’s Exhibitions: “The Chinese Zodiac” & “Keeping Warm”

The Year of the Dog is nearing its end. On Tuesday February 5, the Center ushers in the new year, the Year of the Pig, with two different exhibitions, “The Chinese Zodiac” and “Keeping Warm”.

Spring Festival is the highlight of the Chinese lunar calendar, as it marks the beginning of a new year. The Chinese New Year is also the epitome of the festive spirit: celebrations can last up to fifteen days and involve myriad customs. Family is a key element of these festivities, resulting in an annual mass migration when city dwellers travel back to their hometown to reunite with their families.

Seeing as this festival is so important in people’s lives, a distinct culture has evolved from it. One element of this culture is the Chinese zodiac, with its animal signs that recur in a cycle of twelve years. Every year is represented by one of twelve animals, each symbolizing a particular set of virtues. In the Chinese New Year’s exhibition “The Chinese Zodiac”, you can discover more about the Chinese zodiac signs and the traditional folk wisdom they entail.

In contrast with its name, Spring Festival is celebrated during the coldest time of winter. Chinese households have learned various ways to keep warm around Chinese New Year. A much-beloved device was – and still is – the tangpozi, the Chinese variant of a hot-water bottle. The “Keeping Warm” exhibition showcases tangpozi that are not only practical, but also aesthetic, envisioning them as artwork rather than appliances.

From February 5 until March 29, the China Cultural Center welcomes you to visit these two Chinese New Year’s exhibitions and explore the culture around Spring Festival.

“The Chinese Zodiac” & “Keeping Warm”


February 5 – March 29

Open Monday to Friday according to the opening hours of the Center

Sponsored by

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Kingdom of Belgium

Hosted by

Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism

China Cultural Center in Brussels

Shanghai Theatre Academy

Co-organized by

Shanghai Gem Culture Development Center

Shanghai Dayin Bookmall Co., Ltd.


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