Chinese Movie Nights – Special Documentary Screenings – Chinese Garden

In the framework of the 2nd China Festival in the EU, the classic Chinese Movie Nights are turning into Chinese Documentary Nights for 4 weeks in a row. The special documentary program of November is rich of high-quality documentaries, each one focusing on a different aspect of the Chinese culture : kung fu, porcelain, gastronomy, etc.

Every Monday and Wednesday evening until November 23rd will be dedicated to a screening of an English-subtitled documentary, for a deep discovery and understanding of the topic of the day ! Find here the complete program of the Chinese Documentary Nights.

As usual, the entrance is free but we ask you to register beforehand to the screening, by email to or by phone to 02/704.40.20.

For more information about the China Arts Festival in the EU and the rest of the Festival program, follow their news on Facebook or on their website.

Chinese Garden
English version, no subtitles
November 23rd, 2016
Director: JING Mingzhe


Poetry, painting, music, … Those Chinese artistic disciplines embrace a comprehensive representation of space, a concept of key importance for Chinese people. The documentary is digging into the core meaning and concept of a « Chinese garden », which go way beyond the simple green space with a pavilion and a bridge over the water. The whole process of garden creation, intertwined with historical facts, is explained here. By integrating key values such as the Chinese people’s spirit, the optimization of the living environment and the balance of the landscape, Chinese gardens are surely unique and tell us again how important it is to strike a balance between man and nature.

The program is subject to change, follow our Facebook page to stay tuned!