Chinese Movie Nights – Special Documentary Screenings – The Kung Fu Shaolin (ep. 5)

In the framework of the 2nd China Festival in the EU, the classic Chinese Movie Nights are turning into Chinese Documentary Nights for 4 weeks in a row. The special documentary program of November is rich of high-quality documentaries, each one focusing on a different aspect of the Chinese culture : kung fu, porcelain, gastronomy, etc.

Every Monday and Wednesday evening until November 23rd will be dedicated to a screening of an English-subtitled documentary, for a deep discovery and understanding of the topic of the day ! Find here the complete program of the Chinese Documentary Nights.

As usual, the entrance is free but we ask you to register beforehand to the screening, by email to or by phone to 02/704.40.20.

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The Kung Fu Shaolin (episode 5)
English version, no subtitles
November 14th, 2016
Duration: each episode is 50min.


« All Kung Fu comes from Shaolin martial arts ». As an important part of Chinese Kung Fu, Shaolin Kung Fu is not only the martial arts with the wider scope of influence on other disciplines and the one with the longest history, but it is also one of the prominent symbol of cultural exchanges between China and other countries.

Directed together by Henan Television and CCTV, the five episodes of « The Kung Fu Shaolin » are the first reality-documentaries about Shaolin Kung Fu, describing the comprehensive and current situation of this martial art in China and in the world. The set of documentaries have been broadcasted on the main CCTV channels in China.

Episode 5 – « The World »
The last episode of the series relates the development of Shaolin Kung Fu all over the world. As a symbol of traditional Chinese culture, Shaolin Kung Fu has also become a universal language and offers a perfect opportunity for cultural exchanges and better mutual understanding between peoples from different cultural backgrounds.

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