Through ancient and modern times, cultural relics are also vivid

Cultural relics carry the Chinese civilization for thousands of years. In order to inherit and carry forward the excellent Chinese traditional culture, make cultural relics alive, protect intangible cultural heritage, and help cultural relics protection, the Chinese Cultural Center in Brussels, Shanghai Museum, and Shanghai Cultural Relics Exchange Center have launched a column “Through ancient and modern times, cultural relics are also vivid”.

In a first time, we will discover togheter the cultural relics “Zhao Zhiqian Yutang Wealth and Valor” from the collection of Shanghai Cultural Relics Exchange Center and we will appreciate the beauty of cultural relics and touch the heartbeat of history.



Inkand color on paper, hanging scroll


Zhao Zhiqian (1829-1884) was a great artist of Chinese painting, calligraph and seal cutting in the Qing Dynasty. This picture is an excellent collaboration between Zhao Zhiqian and his friend Cheng Liujie. The rubbing of ancient bronze tripod was made by Cheng Liujie and Zhao Zhiqian painted magnolias and peonies which symbolize wealth and good fortune. The colorful flowers in the picture are bright and natural, echoing the shape and decoration of the tripod, appearing elegant and graceful that exemplify Zhao’s typically antique and elegant style.