“China in the Eyes of Foreigners” by Zeng Yi

World-renowned Chinese photographer Mr. Zeng Yi will hold a lecture named “China in the Eyes of Foreigners”.

With the reform and opening up of China, Chinese people are starting to learn more and more about the different cultures of the world. At the same time, the number of foreigners visiting China is increasing remarkably. As a way to try to understand the distinctive Chinese culture, many tourists use the unique medium of the camera lens to artistically represent what China and the Chinese culture means for them. Pictures are often an easier way to describe the nature, the society, the lifestyle and the joys and sorrows of the local people in a country.

Famous photographer Zeng Yi, who is also the honorary curator of Art Gallery of Shandong University of Art and Design and President of the Eastern International Photography Art Association, will hold a lecture about how China is perceived through the lens of foreigners visiting the country. Zeng Yi has written and published various books and photographic albums and has won numerous international and domestic awards. His work has been collected by various national art institutions, including the President Carter Museum in the United States and the National Museum of Albania.

14:45: Registration
15.00 – 16.30: “China in the Eyes of Foreigners” by Zeng Yi
NOTE: This conference will be given in Chinese and translated in English

Registration is compulsory as seats are limited. Send an email to info@cccbrussels.be or call us on +32 (0)2 704 40 20 to book your seat!

Organized by:
China Cultural Center in Brussels
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