International Symposium of Health Qigong 2018

This symposium will focus on the therapeutic effects of Health Qigong and will discuss the contribution of Chinese culture to the contemporary world.

On November 3, the Belgian Health Qigong Federation will organize a symposium for everyone interested in learning more about the therapeutic effects of Health Qigong and the contribution of Chinese culture to the contemporary world. A variety of speakers will attend the symposium to talk about a range of subjects related to Qigong. Below is an overview of the speakers and their presentations.

9.00-10.00: ZHANG Wenchun (professor at Jiangxi University) – “The therapeutic effects of Qigong, as illustrated by infrared photos” (in French)

10.00-11.00: WEI Shengmin (professor at Shijiazhuang University) – “The therapeutic effects of Qigong in everyday life” (in Chinese, with French interpretation)

11.10-12.00: Nicola DAY (teacher) – “The teaching of Health Qigong in primary schools in England” (in English, with French interpretation)

14.00-15.00: Pierre DE KEUKELAERE (attorney with bachelor’s degree in Philosophy) – “The exceptional life of Confucius and the great Confucian values: The importance in Chinese history and a comparison with Socrates, Jesus Christ, Buddha, and Laozi” (in French)

15.00-16.00: Thésy VOGLIOLO (Qigong professor trained in Chinese medicine) – “A scientific approach to the posture of the tree, based on the book of doctor Yu Yong Nian” (in French)

16.10-17.10: Qigong professors at Saint Peter University Medical Center – “The experience of the professors’ team of the Life Care Center in the Qigong practice at the Saint Peter University Medical Center” (in French)

Afterwards, there will be a reception until 18.00.

Entry is free.


Supported by

Life Care Center

Organized by

Belgian Health Qigong Federation

Hosted by

China Cultural Center in Brussels


The program is subject to change. Follow our Facebook page to stay tuned!