Appreciation of Wu Guanzhong’s “Boats”

Chinese painting, also known as traditional Chinese painting or ink painting, has formed an artistic peak in a different style from Western oil painting, nourishing human civilization. Wu Guanzhong (1919-2010) was an accomplished modern Chinese painter, widely respected and recognized for his importance in China’s contemporary art world, which was shaped by his ideas of abstraction. As an artist of unique sensibility and vision, his work embodies the synthesis of traditional Chinese and Western ideas and techniques.

Wu Guanzhong, “Boats”, oil painting, 60x73cm, 2001, Collection of the Shanghai Art Museum

The work depicts a group of boats docked on the seashore. The shape of the boat inspired Wu Guanzhong many times.

The picture of the work “Boats” uses blue and white colors to create a quiet, peaceful and warm seaside scenery.The visual beauty of boats gave the painter a great opportunity to express himself freely.