Elegance and Style – Qipao and Shanghai Culture

Since modern times, upon the foundation of traditional culture in southern China, a fusion with the industrial civilization of the near and modern era has emerged, giving rise to a concentrated reflection and typical representation of modern urban Chinese culture – known as Shanghai  culture.

The Shanghai-style qipao, originating from the ancient Chinese traditional etiquette civilization, has gained nationwide popularity and global recognition since its birthplace in Shanghai, becoming a fashionable garment for Chinese women and acclaimed as a quintessence of Chinese culture and a national dress for women, with significant international influence. Over the past century, like the city of Shanghai itself, the Shanghai-style qipao has flourished through exchange in openness, mutual growth in inclusivity, an development through innovation. The manifestation of the Shanghai-style qipao not only showcases the grace and strength of Oriental women but also represents the charm of Chinese traditional culture and the open integration of Shanghai’s diverse culture.

This exhibition, organized around the development of Shanghai as a city, aims to showcase the combined intangible cultural heritage of Chinese traditional craftsmanship and Western tailoring methods represented by more than 30 exquisite qipaos, precious old photographs, advertising images, and other historical artifacts. Through this, it aims to interpret the beauty of the qipao and narrate the ever-rejuvenating vitality and enchanting charm of Shanghai as a city, enabling the audience to better perceive the city’s spirit of inclusivity, innovation, and openness, and its urban character of embracing diverse cultures.

Elegance and Style – Qipao and Shanghai Culture Exhibition 

Dates: May 14th, 2024 – September 5th, 2024
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9.30 – 18.00
Free entry