China Cultural Center’s presence at the dance show “The Silk Road on the Sea”

To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, the general audience savoured a moment of adventures with the dance show “The Silk Road on the Sea” in one of the most prestigious venues in Brussels at the Theatre National. The marked presence of the China Cultural Center attracted considerable public attention.

Produced by the China Arts & Entertainment Group (CAEG), the dance show “The Silk Road on the Sea” was presented for one single evening to the general public, on January 27, in one of the loveliest places in Brussels at the Theatre National.

“The Silk Road on the Sea” was staged by the original and creative team of the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 Opening and Closing ceremonies. In celebration of the Chinese Spring Festival, its troupe of professional dancers set off on a European tour in January 2016, performing in Switzerland, Germany and Belgium. The show offered a blend of exotic music, dances and folk costumes, and it pleasantly surprised and seduced the Belgian public in many ways.

The background of the show takes place during the Han dynasty along the famous China’s maritime Silk Road and follows the love story of Captain Pu, sent to explore the sea routes to the West, and his beloved Ban, waiting for his return.

Soon after the folk dance initiative workshop in its headquarters, the China Cultural Center welcomed hundreds of spectators at the Theatre National. The public who came to see “The Silk Road on the Sea” as well as a local audience were very interested in what was happening in the theatre lobby. Traditional red decorations and lively atmosphere attracted people’s attention, reflecting their enthusiasm and curiosity about Chinese dance and the China Cultural Center. As the Spring Festival approaches, the Center will organise a series of “Happy Chinese New Year” activities to its premises on February 9, 10 and 11. The China Cultural Center in Brussels looks forward to celebrating with everyone the Year of the Monkey in a warm and festive atmosphere.