Learning Peking Opera in 100 days

Nadim has been a show host in China for many years. Now he takes on a new challenge: he is embarking on a 100-day journey to learn the art of Peking Opera, or jingju, but this national treasure of China normally takes years to master.

The first episode shows Nadim getting acquainted with the basics of the traditional Chinese performance art that is Peking Opera. A little nervous, he also meets his mentor for the first time. What does his mentor think of Nadim?

In the second episode, Nadim meets up with LIU Dake, his mentor, again. Together they evaluate Nadim’s fitness and flexibility, and choose the right play for him to learn. Nadim also gets the help from three professional Peking Opera actors to decide which type of role he should take on. As physically demanding as it is, Nadim is excited to start.