Meditation and relaxation at the Conference on Qigong for Cervical Vertebrae 2018

In the afternoon of April 18th 2018, the Belgian Health Qigong Federation and the China Cultural Center in Brussels organized a conference dedicated to Qigong for cervical vertebrae, a preventive and curative method to avoid and relieve pains in the cervical vertebrae. Mrs. LIU Yafei, graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Director of the China Beidaihe-Hebei Medical Qigong Hospital, was delighted to lead this conference and share her knowledge with the guests. Some people have had a long-standing passion for the subject while others were simply curious, which resulted in a very diverse but enthused crowd. For the second year in a row, the conference was a great success and brought more than 80 people together.

Following in the footsteps of her father, Dr. Liu Gui Zhen, who incorporated a method of Qigong called “Nei Yang Gong” among many others methods, Mrs. LIU Yafei has developed the Qigong for cervical vertebrae among other forms of medical Qigong, such as Qigong specialized for women. She received a national award from the Dongzhimen Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences of Beijing for her research on pathologies deriving from block in cervical vertebrae. Mrs. LIU Yafei also gives lectures all over the world, spreading her father’s work as well as her own. Their scientific work about Qigong has allowed the recognition of this relaxation and meditation practice as a medical technique and successfully cleared up the superstitious ideas that are still often attached to Qigong.

Before the conference kicked off, a short video showing interviews with some practitioners of Qigong was screened. One remarkable interview was with an 85 year old man who explained that he exercises Qigong every morning for 30 minutes in order to stay fit. “I cannot imagine what my life would be like without Qigong, if I skip one day of practice, I immediately feel the negative impact on my body”, he said.

Mrs. LIU Yafei started the conference by thanking the China Cultural Center in Brussels for accommodating the seminar and the Belgian Health Qigong Federation and the Life Care Centre for inviting her to speak, an initiative that helps to bring Qigong to a wider audience. Afterwards, Mrs. LIU Yafei continued by explaining the principle of her method. The two founding words of Qigong are PEACE and RELAXATION. The purpose of Qigong is to open one’s body, harmonizing its functions with the aid of one’s mind, in order to reach relaxation. Through this practice, the body can be strengthened against aches and diseases.

Mrs. LIU Yafei explained that unlike other medical cures, such as taking medicine or undergoing surgeries, Qigong can actually continually be practiced even after the health issue is resolved. Once one is skilled in the practice, one can do Qigong exercises anywhere and at any time. In that sense, people become their own doctor. “The numbers speak for themselves: in about 80% of the cases, the health issue does not reoccur after practicing Qigong”, she added.

Upon finishing the theoretical part of the session, Mrs. LIU Yafei enthusiastically taught new Qigong exercises to the 80 participants.

After more than an hour of practice in a relaxing atmosphere, the stress-relieved participants warmly thanked Mrs. LIU Yafei with a thunderous applause. One of the participants even said “It is wonderful to see how everyone got sucked into the practice and left the room with such a feeling of relaxation”. With a smile on their faces, depicting their happiness resulting from this unique moment of wellbeing and sharing, the people left the Center to resume their active and busy lives, while holding tight to their feelings of relaxation.

Did you get curious about what Qigong is and what it can bring to your daily life? The China Cultural Center invites you take part in a trial class led by one of the teachers from the Belgian Federation of Health Qigong here at our Center!