Second edition of China Talk, featuring Eric Li

China Talk – a cycle of top-level conferences and seminars held at the China Cultural Center in Brussels – addressed the topic « Governance and Reforms : Mirroring Experience Between China and EU » with two insightful speakers for its second edition : Mr. Eric Li from China and Professor Pierre Defraigne, based in Belgium. The event was held today and gathered thinkers, business people and academics to exchange their views and experience on the topic.

In the current context of economic and social challenges worldwide, political alternatives and reforms are a way to move on and address difficult situations sometimes undermined by controversial or passive decisions.

In China, the “Opening and Reforms” policy is constantly reshaping the political system, for more than three decades now. The reforms have brought considerable changes to every aspect of the Chinese society and specifically to how the country is governed, from the most local level to the highest central government.

Eric Li is a PhD in political science from Fudan University in Shanghai and a renowned scholar on political ideas and systems. His leitmotiv statement was that the Party is the world’s leading expert in political reform adapting to new realities.  In his much appreciated presentation, he affirmed again thatChina is the only major country in the world which realized political autonomy with a dominant political force which lays above the society but is also integrated within it. »

Professor Pierre Defraigne, economist and current Executive Director of the Madariaga – College of Europe Centre, is the interlocutor of Li for the debate of today. He was invited to express his own opinion on the topic, taking into account the European experience of political reforms:Europe needs to build up a transnational system and strengthen the Commission political leadership. An institutional reinforcement is indispensable ».

The very clear opnions and exchange of views between the two scholars certainly raised some insightful questions and comments from the attentive audience.

Refreshing perspectives were presented to the guests for this second edition of China Talk, a reference event for in-depth discussions and debates about important topics binding China and Europe. The next edition of China Talk is already planned for 2017.