Stories of poverty alleviation in China

Introducing a new series, the China Cultural Center in Brussels is delighted to share stories of poverty alleviation in China. The World Tourism Alliance (WTA) has been proactively involved in case studies and theoretical research of “poverty alleviation through tourism”. Now, the WTA is showcasing experiences and achievements in these videos, titled “Better Tourism, Better Life, Better World”.

Poverty alleviation is a universal issue of the international community. A strong impetus in promoting the sustainable, economic and social development of poverty-stricken areas is tourism. In recent years it has provided a path out of poverty for many impoverished people and has become a key area of poverty alleviation.

The power of poverty alleviation through tourism is shown in this video series. “Better Tourism, Better Life, Better World” focuses on different places in five provinces Chinese where tourism has made a significant impact. Short and sweet, the videos provide experiences of poverty alleviation practices in China.

The first one takes us to Guangxi, where we learn the personal stories of people who have been helped by the development of tourism in their area.

The second one tells the story of the development of infrastructure and tourism in a village in Hebei.


The third video takes place in the village of Xiaonanjing, Anhui province. We hear from DONG Jinhe and his involvement in launching a rural rejuvenation project in his hometown. The small mountain village has evolved into an open-air museum showing traditional culture.

In the fourth video we meet HUANG Jujin from the Li Dance and Performing Art Group in Zhongliao village. Located near Sanya in Hainan province, the village has benefited a lot from the development of the “Beautiful Countryside” project.

The fifth video in this series shows how cooperation can boost rural tourism. In Congjiang county, Guizhou province, agriculture and horticulture have been linked to tourism, which has improved local infrastructure and healthcare.

WTA presents the case study of Bama county, which has been lifted out of poverty in May 2020. The county, located in Guangxi province, is best known for its longevity village: there are more than thirty centenarians in Bama. That and the beautiful natural environment have attracted a large number of tourists and “migratory birds”, city dwellers who look for peace in the countryside.

Shenshan village, located in the province of Jiangxi, is a mystical place surrounded by mountains. One persevering villager tells the story of how her family fell into poverty and how working in the tourism sector helped them overcome it.

Longtan is a small but lively village in Fujian province. It is a leading example of creative and cultural tourism. The village welcomes artists and promotes artistic activities. Art has created new opportunities for the inhabitants of Longtan.