The 2024 Tea for Harmony Yaji Cultural Salon : China(Yunnan)Tea Culture Exchange Activities

Tea originated in China and became popular worldwide. It is a masterpiece of human-nature interaction, reflecting China’s long history. Tea also serves as a bridge for dialogue between China and the world. Historically, Chinese tea traveled the Silk Road, promoting global exchange. Today, it continues to foster cultural exchanges between China and Europe.
“Traditional tea processing techniques and associated social practices in China” were inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in November 2022. Less than a year later, in September 2023, China’s “Cultural Landscape of Old Tea Forests of the Jingmai Mountain in Pu’er” was named World Heritage Site, drawing global attention once again to “Chinese Tea” and “Yunnan Tea.”
Yunnan, in southwestern China, is full of wonder and diversity. This ancient land boasts magnificent scenery and a rich cultural heritage from 25 ethnic minorities. Tea culture is a particular pride of Yunnan, with its unique varieties and flavors. Renowned worldwide, Pu’er tea is famous for its long history and rich taste. Additionally, Dianhong tea, raw Pu’er tea, and Yunnan white tea each have distinct characteristics and are beloved by tea enthusiasts.
The event will feature tea-themed cultural performances, including traditional dances by ethnic minorities, situational dances, and acrobatic shows, offering a visual and auditory feast. A Tea Culture Poetry Sharing Session will highlight the fusion of tea aroma and poetic charm. Additionally, there will be demonstrations and experiential sessions of China’s national intangible cultural heritage skills, such as creating woodblock prints, displaying representative “Yunnan Tea” products, and “rubbing” technique demonstrations.
This event will present the charm of tea and Chinese culture through the displays of tea production and brewing techniques, and unique ethnic tea cultures, extending an invitation to explore Yunnan.


The 2024 Tea for Harmony Yaji Cultural Salon : China(Yunnan)Tea Culture Exchange Activities

Venue: China Cultural Center in Brussels

Date: Friday May 24th, 2024


  • 17:00                         Reception
  • 17:30 – 18:10      Launching Ceremony
  • 18:10 – 20:00     Tea-themed Cultural Performances, Tea Culture Poetry Sharing,  experiential session of China’s intangible cultural heritage skills and more!

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