2023 China Ice & Snow Tourism Overseas Promotion Season

The 2023 China Ice & Snow Tourism Overseas Promotion Season presents the culture and stories about ice and snow in China: Heilongjian, Xinjiang, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning…

The rock paintings hidden in the Altay region in Xinjiang take us back tens of thousands of years to the Upper Paleolithic period when the first skiers in human history appeared. Ancient people flitted by riding on fur-covered skis with wooden poles in hand and their prey tied behind them.

For most people, ice and snow are sources of entertainment, while writers and poets have deeper sentiments toward these two elements. “I have come to think amidst the falling rain and snow” is a line that comes from renowned poetry, Cai Wei, where snow is associated with the emotion of returning from an expedition. In Qinyuanchun: Snow, the poet expressed great ambition with the words: “Northern scenery, thousands of miles of ice and floating snow.”

After traveling through history, we can still see people’s enthusiasm for ice and snow in present-day China. Here, driven by integration and innovation; tourism, arts, sports, and other entertainment related to ice and snow flourish across various industries.

We invite you to explore our exhibition to discover the beauty of ice and snow in the north of China!