Chinese Movie Night – Police Diary

Would you risk reading another man’s diary? Well maybe you would get curious if you knew that that man used to be a dedicated police officer, who has seen the most chilling things in life…

Police Diary 警察日记 (2013)

26/03/2018 VO + EN subtitles


Place: China Cultural Center in Brussels

Duration:  110 min

Category: mystery, crime, horror, drama

Director: NING Ying

Starring: WANG Jingchun, CHEN Weihan, SUN Liang


Hao Wanzhong, a police chief in Inner Mongolia, dies at the age of 41. A Xinhua News Agency reporter’s interviews with his family, colleagues and relatives reveal that he was a very diligent and responsible police chief. During his 17-year-long career, Hao has kept 17 diaries. They record his daily routines, case analyses and personal thoughts starting from the very first criminal case he dealt with, as well as his research and findings about unsolved cases. The diaries demonstrate the commitment and hardship of a police chief. Hao often said that only when we make sure of fairness in law enforcement, people will be able to live in safety and peace.



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