Qigong classes resume in September!

Health Qigong classes will start again in September at the China Cultural Center.  Qigong classes will resume on September 7th and 14th, with two free trial sessions, until December 2016.

Curious about what Qigong is and what it can bring to your daily life ? Come and follow the class of our teacher, Mrs. Christine Heuze from the Belgian Federation of Health Qigong, every Wednesday from 12.30PM to 1.30PM.

Qigong is a daily therapy and is generally practiced standing in one place, either as a group or individually. By making slow, smooth and harmonious movements, blood and energy flow in the entire body. The basic idea is that when there is a blockage in certain areas, both energy and blood cannot circulate and disease might occur. The movements are punctuated by different types of breathing while the spirit (or mind) is focused on body movements.

The sequences of exercises are from a long therapeutic tradition of Chinese medicine. It is therefore important to smoothly perform precise movements and adjust his breathing to open the smallest joints, harmoniously distributing the weight of the body in order to release stress and tension.

In China, Qigong is practiced every day in the parks and in some hospitals. It may be exercised by all and at any age, regardless of the person’s physical fitness. Its practice respects and gradually heals the body, frees from stress, develops friendship between practitioners and opens the mind to other cultures.

The fee for 12 lessons is 100€. Registration is compulsory even to attend the two free trial sessions of September 7 and 14, before the official first class on September 21st.

Note : The class will only open with a minimum of 8 students and a maximum of 20 students.

Download the registration form here below and send it back, duly completed, to training2@cccbrussels.be to formalize your registration.

Qi Gong class – Registration form-sept 2016