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For the last week of the Exhibition: “Dialogue Across Time and Space – Homage to Tang Xianzu and William Shakespeare” we invite you to enjoy the beauty and elegance of Kunqu one more time and to discover (or re-discover) the great Mei Lanfang.

Chinese Opera Documentaries
“Kunqu Opera” + “Cultural Ambassador: Mr. Mei Lanfang”

10/10: French version
TUESDAY 11/10: English version

Category : Documentary
Duration : 1h ( 30min per documentary )


Kunqu Opera (30 min)

Kun Opera, also called “Kunqu”, It is one of China’s classical operas with a history of more than 600 years dating. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties it became one of the most famous Chinese opera forms, influencing varieties of other opera forms in China. For this, it is deemed the “mother of Chinese local operas”.

Cultural Ambassador: Mr. Mei Lanfang (30 min)

We could not but propose a documentary about the Cultural Ambassador of China : Mei Langfang (1894 to 1961), during these few weeks focusing on Chinese Opera. This particular one focuses on Mei LanFang ‘s tour in the United States in 1930. It was then the first time that Beijing Opera had been performed in America.

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