Chinese Movie Nights – Warriors of Heaven and Earth

Set in the ferocious Gobi Desert, along the famous silk road, the story follows Lieutenant Li and Japanese emissary Lai Xi, both first-class warriors and master swordsmen.

Warriors of Heaven and Earth (2003)
5/12 (FR subtitles)
7/12 (EN subtitles)

Duration : 119 min
Category : Action / Drama
Director: He Ping
Actors: Jiang Wen, Kiichi Nakai, Wang Xueqi , Zhao Wei

After decades at the service of Chinese Tang Emperor, Lai Xi (Nakai Kiichi) longs to return to Japan. Gaining a passport back to Japan is only possible if he captures and executes Lieutenant Li (Jiang Wen), a renegade soldier wanted for leading a violent mutiny when he refused orders to kill female and child prisoners. Soon, the paths of these master swordsmen cross, but a caravan carrying a Buddhist monk (Zhao Wei) and a sacred relic coveted by Master An (Wang Xueqi) will force them to delay their final fight… but for how long?


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