A Chinese Liuli Flower: An Exhibition of Contemporary Glass Art

The China Cultural Center would like to invite you to feel the beauty of Liuli as the absolute manifestation of Eastern aesthetic and philosophy!

A Chinese Liuli Flower: An Exhibition of Contemporary Glass Art

The term liuli first appeared 3,000 years ago.  It is the archaic Chinese term for glass.

In 1987 Loretta H. Yang, leading star of Asian cinema and Chang Yi, esteemed New Wave director, founded Asia’s first liuli art studio and named it LIULIGONGFANG.

An acclaimed film actress in China Taiwan, Loretta H. Yang is the recipient of both the Golden Horse and Asia-Pacific Film Awards for Best Leading Actress. At the peak of her career, Yang devoted herself to contemporary liuli art, with a natural extension of her talent and excellent observation, and founded LIULIGONGFANG in 1987. With a keen intuition honed through performance art, Yang imbues a powerful life force into the inanimate. Through trial and error and the breakthrough pâte de verre method, she created an art rich with Chinese philosophy and culture.

Noted film director from China Taiwan and key figure in the New Wave Cinema in the 1980s, Chang Yi first captured the public’s attention at nineteen as a short story writer. In 1987, he and Yang left the film industry to pursue contemporary liuli art and together they founded Asia’s first liuli art studio. The New York Times has dubbed Chang “Father of the Asia Studio Glass Movement”. Each of his design provides narration for the people, their lives and their culture and is forged organically, without restraint or constraint.

For the two, liuli is the resurrection of the 2,000 year old lost-art of Chinese glass. It symbolizes the meditation of clarity and transparency in the context of Chinese Buddhism and reflects the Chinese philosophy of “impermanence”.

October 27 – November 11
Monday to Wednesday 9:30 – 20:00
Thursday – Friday 9:30 – 18:00

The entrance is free. The program is subject to change. Follow our Facebook page to stay tuned!