Photo Exhibition of Ice and Snow Scenery: “Enjoying Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, Watching Ice and Snow Scenery in Liaoning”


Liaoning, a province located in northeast China, is rich in tourism and entertainment resources. Every year from November to February, the magic of nature creates dazzling ice and snow scenery on this land. From snow trekking to enjoying snow scenery and playing with snow, ice and snow culture has long become an integral part of daily life in Liaoning.

With only two days until the Olympic Winter Games, ice and snow tourism as well as ice and snow sports are gaining popularity. Liaoning has more than 30 ski resorts and over 150 hot spring scenic attractions. Visitors can feel the rush of adrenaline when sliding downhill on snow and have great fun with snow circles and sledge rides. They can enjoy quietness and coziness when cooking tea and watching rime scenery. They can also witness the busyness and cheerfulness of winter fishing, going to market, temple fairs and Yangko Dance. Wintertime Liaoning is fascinating and has a lot of exciting experiences to offer.

Now, let’s embrace the unique splendor of the ice and snow world of Liaoning with passion and showcase our speed in ice and snow sports!